Everyone needs help sometimes. Life presents each of us with a wide variety of experiences, and some are easier to manage than others. No matter the experience, there is always help.

Community Life Help classes can provide you with skills that bring greater hope, peace and progress to your lives.


Everyone needs help sometimes. Life presents each of us with a wide variety of experiences, and some are easier to manage than others. No matter the experience, there is always help.

Community Life Help classes can provide you with skills that bring greater hope, peace and progress to your lives.


Mental & Emotional Health


English Speaking


Personal Finance


Family History & Genealogy


Emergency Preparedness


Community Life Help classes are available both in person and virtually online. In an environment of fellowship and Christian faith, these classes meet in small groups at a local church. This program is offered at no cost to the community by volunteers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The community-based classes are for education and self-improvement purposes. Teachers and facilitators are experienced and trained community volunteers, but not licensed professionals. The professionally-developed materials provide the expertise.  

Emotional Resilience (Mental & Emotional Health)

Emotional Resilience (Mental & Emotional Health) is a class that teaches practical and spiritual skills to help care for the body, mind, emotions and relationships. Meetings provide a safe place for honest sharing, as the group follows the principle of confidentiality and focuses on proactive skills to deal with challenges.

EnglishConnect (English Speaking)

EnglishConnect (English Speaking) is a class that brings together learners, teachers, and volunteers to create an English learning program for anyone wanting to learn or improve their English. The program includes both face-to-face and online classes designed to help participants increase their vocabulary and speaking skills.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a class for those who want better control over their money. Group members will learn how to eliminate debt, protect against financial hardship, and invest in the future. Participants will create a financial plan and follow a budget.

Family History & Genealogy

Family History & Genealogy classes consist of three sessions that are taught one-on-one or in a small group environment by family history consultants. Each session provides participants with opportunities to research their ancestry, create a family tree, and develop skills to be able to continue research on their own or with individual assistance from a family history consultant.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness is a class that equips individuals and families with the knowledge to handle emergencies in their area. Learn how to get started, build food and water storage, create home evacuation plans, and compile first aid kits. 




“I loved taking the Emotional Resilience class that Amy facilitated. It taught me a lot about overcoming and recognizing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and building emotional resilience. Working with a group was very helpful, especially hearing the ideas of others and their feedback. It was good to get others‘ perspectives on their learning as well. I also began to experience feelings of gratitude for my daily blessings. The manual is extremely helpful and full of good information.”


“The biggest take-away for me was the strength and trust built with the other members of the class. Each week I would get a new action partner who supported me in my weekly personal goals. It was a safe experience to be with others who were trying to do their best to overcome their own struggles while helping those around them. I grew personally as I implemented the skills taught in the class, and I felt stronger mentally and spiritually.”


Taking the personal finance class has been a blessing to me and my family. This class gave me the tools to better manage my budget and to plan for the future. Since taking the class, I have paid off two credit cards, which is something that I totally didn’t think I could do. The weekly lessons were always fun and I got to meet new people. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone!”


I am continuously amazed at how the things learned in this course filter into my daily life and daily interactions. There have been times when I used the skills well and then times when I realized using the skills would have made situations so much better!”


This emotional resilience class was absolutely fantastic! It’s like the parenting book we all wish we had and could lean back on daily as new trials and life stages come with raising kids.”


I learned so much about how to get ready for emergencies and make sure my family is safe. The tips were really helpful and easy to follow, so it felt like the class was made for anyone. Now I feel so much more prepared for unexpected events. I have more confidence in my ability to handle whatever comes my way.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the classes?

Community Life Help classes include, but are not limited to:

  • EnglishConnect (English Speaking) Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • Emotional Resilience (Mental & Emotional Health)
  • Personal Finance
  • Family History & Genealogy
  • Emergency Preparedness
What will you learn?

In each class you will learn practical and Christian-based principles designed to meet your goals and help you to progress in life. 

Who teaches the classes?

Our classes are led by volunteer facilitators and teachers—local people from within the community. The professionally-developed materials provide the expertise. The spirit and the power of the group make each class engaging and filled with positive energy.

When do the classes start?

You can find the schedule in each classes’s respective page calendar. Classes are taught continually, so join at any time.

If a class is currently not available, leave us with your contact information and we will work to start a class near you!

What should I bring to class?

Everything that is needed for the class will be provided.

Bring pen and paper if you wish to take notes while viewing digital content. Feel free to invite friends and family, as classes are open to all.

Are there any costs associated with the classes?

All classes are completely FREE! Our purpose is to provide the community with practical life skills that strengthen people to live happier and more stable lives. Anyone is welcome to attend!

Please Contact Me

Please fill out the below information and one of our Community Life Help support specialists will contact you.


Our classes are tailored to help anyone interested in improving their life. The curriculum has been preparedboth in length and style—to be engaging, understandable and helpful to anyone seeking knowledge, direction and improvement.


In-person or virtual online classes


Small group learning environment


Trained and engaging teachers


Curriculum designed to improve your life



“Our destiny is not determined by the number of times we stumble but by the number of times we rise up, dust ourselves off, and move forward.”

Dieter F. Uchtdorf


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