Would better English skills help you with educational and employment opportunities? EnglishConnect is a free English Speaking class for beginning or intermediate learners designed to help increase English vocabulary and conversational skills. 



Develop English proficiency


Expand opportunities for employment, education, service and friendship


Participate in English conversation groups


Access personal study resources at minimal to no-cost


The purpose of EnglishConnect classes are to help you develop English speaking skills in an environment of fellowship and faith, combining spiritual and academic learning to empower self-reliance. Developing English proficiency can expand your opportunities for employment, education, service, and friendship.

EnglishConnect classes provide a unique opportunity for learners worldwide to access personal study resources at no cost. Learning a language requires commitment, time, diligence, support, and intentional practice. These classes are designed to help learners take responsibility for their own learning and work with class members to achieve their goals.


Classroom Education

Take an in-person class at one of the Community Life Help locations with a small group, facilitated by a trained teacher.

Online Education

Take a live virtual-online class with a small group, facilitated by a trained teacher.

It’s easy! Simply follow the materials

Each chapter in the workbook has five parts:



Report: Discuss the progress you made during the week on your commitments


My Foundation: Review a principle that will lead to greater self-reliance


Learn: Learn practical skills that will lead to greater self-reliance


Ponder: Listen for inspiration on how to act on what you have learned


Commit: Commit: Promise to act on commitments during the week that will help you progress, and you will share what you learn from each group meeting with family or friends

Please Contact Me

Please fill out the below information and one of our Community Life Help support specialists will contact you.

The Power of working in our small group environment

With the help of others, you can accomplish great things.  In our groups, we have action partners. Action partners help each other keep commitments by:


Calling, texting, or visiting each other during the week


Talking about what was learned in the group meeting


Encouraging each other to keep commitments


Counseling together about challenges

Community Life Help English SPEAKING

EnglishConnect are English speaking classes offered to beginning and intermediate learners. You will learn the fundamentals of English in small groups, using written and online support resources with experienced teachers. Improving English proficiency will expand your opportunities in employment, education, service, and friendship.


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